Abundant Michigan

Our purpose is to co-create abundance for our members in food, medicine, materials, economy and living water. We support Abundance in all Michigan Communities.

pattern language

As permaculture is whole-systems design protocol, an operating system for human decision making, and a synthesis of knowledge both old and new, as such, we often find ourselves without a language to express our intentions, our actions, and our patterns of thought.

A Pattern Language then, is a shared motive, a leitmotif, a shorthand for communities within the broad array of sustainable and ecologically-sound technologies. We can use a similar Pattern Language to communitcate with each other, our neighbhors, and our elected officials and can provide a context for problem solving through permaculture.

We at AMPY operate on two essentially different scales, the City and the Farm. City can include townships, villages, communities, suburban neighborhoods, etc. Whereas, Farm can include farmland, wetlands, wildlands, etc.

City Pattern Lanaguage

Forest Gardening

Rain Water into Grey Water Systems

Solar Dehydrators

Zones of Accumulation

Fermentations and Food Storage Techniques

Cold Frames and Other Season Extentions

Small Solar Panels for Small Engines

Swales as Rainwater Retention

Rainwater Gardens

Laundry Lines

Worker Owned Cooperative Businessess

Processing of Plants into Dyes, Fibers, and Oils

Perennial Nurseries

Seed Saving

Tinctures, Herbals Salves, and Medicine Making


Rocket Mass Heaters

Diotamaceous Earth

Rumford Fireplace

Double Chamber Cob Oven


Cast Iron Skillets

Tiny Houses

Raw Milk

Polyculture Gardens

Poop and Pee as Resource

Easements as Energy Plants or Food Production Zones

Shade Houses and Sun Houses as Passive Heating and Cooling

Tropical Greenhouse Ecosystems

Mowable Meadows (not grass)


Farm Pattern Language

Restoration Agriculture

Keyline Design



Rotational Grazing

Paddock Shift Systems

Riparian Buffers

Wetland Waste Treatment

Living Machines

Polyculture Ethanol Production

Coppicing for Timber Needs



Earth Berm Animal Houses

Sealling Ponds without Liners Using Pigs/Trachoes

Raising Cattle without Hay

Poison Plants for Animals

Digging Holes not Ponds

Grasses as Primary Carbon Sequestor Source

Multiple Enterprises from Single Property

Farm Rentals

Farm Production of Primary Energy Crops




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