Abundant Michigan

Our purpose is to co-create abundance for our members in food, medicine, materials, economy and living water. We support Abundance in all Michigan Communities.


Why? We know that all the worlds ill’s are from the same root; a fundamental disconnect from nature, a root war against nature and the body. Annual agriculture is destroying our greatest asset to life, healthy soil and forest ecosystems, and desertifying landscapes throughout the world. Modern animal husbandry is an ethical disgrace complete with torture, fear, pain, and cannibalism. Loss of biodiversity in all species, as well as human culture and language, is rampant and greatly increased do to human activity. Slavery in the form of debt and war in the form of resource control, holds the entire population of humanity in disempowered servitude. The food we eat, the water we drink, the life’s we lead, all indicate that we need whole culture repair.

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